Perspective, Change and Awareness

Perspective, Change and Awareness

Take a second and think of a time where your worldview differed to your current worldview. Now think about 5 years before then, and for the older folk, even 5 years before then.

Notice something? It’s a cycle of changing perspective, mostly due to fluctuating levels of awareness. If you’re like me you’ll notice something else – your old worldview seems outdated now and you may even find it laughable at how little awareness you had back then. Perhaps one day I’ll approach this very post with the same mind-set, repeating the exact process I have just described above and i’ll laugh at how little I knew and how naive my perspective was.

It seems as though this pattern repeats itself over and over again. You gain more awareness, modifying your perspective, leading one to assume their old worldview/perspective was wrong and how their new one is correct. The caveat here is that although ones worldview may be somewhat broader than before – it’s still limited. Not to mention the obvious bias you’ll have towards your current perspective.

Change in perspective is normal and gaining greater awareness is admirable but I can assure you that a revelation/new found awareness is not the ultimate wisdom in the universe. The key take away here is to always be aware of the limitations a perspective has – all of them.


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